Bookplate Bonanza

In today’s society, bookplates are hidden gems. Most individuals have never heard of them, and this is due to the perception of books in society. Historically, books were works of art, expensive, and seen as an object only owned by the wealthy. Because of of this, owners placed book plates in the front of books in order to show ownership. More information on the history of bookplates can be found here and here.

Because of the increase in e-book usage, bookplates have had to transform to accommodate this new medium. Digital bookplates are the future for e-books and are being utilized by university libraries for online databases. For example, the University of Technology-Sydney is currently holding a design contest for digital bookplates for the UTS Library. These types of competitions are common widely seen at places such as Princeton University and numerous international locations. In addition to digital bookplates, there have been suggestions for bookplates on actual devices. This link describes how the placement of “bookplates” can protect against theft by placing the image on the lock screen of an iPad, iPhone, or other device. The site also gives directions on how to make your own!

For my class, we were asked to create our own bookplate. Although I would’ve preferred to have a a letterpress copy on nice, archival paper, I settled for a printer version. I focused mine on the concept of home and used Illustrator to carry out my idea. All in all, I liked the way it turned out!

Interested in making your own bookplate? Here are some resources to teach you how!

Interested in seeing more bookplates?


Stanford University Libraries

Book-Plates by W J Hardy

35 Bookplates Belonging to Famous People (As Seen Below)

Sigmund Freud's Bookplate

Sigmund Freud’s Bookplate

Walt Disney's Bookplate

Walt Disney’s Bookplate

Albert Einstein's Bookplate

Albert Einstein’s Bookplate


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