Dealing with a Dessert Debacle

This past week, I participated in the Marshall University Edition of the Edible Book Festival. The Edible Book Festival is a national celebration that is usually held around April 1st, which is known as Edible Book Day. This event started in 2000 and has continually gained popularity. The event consists of edible creations that relate to a book in some way or another.

For the Marshall University celebration, I teamed up with a classmate to make an edible creation. Our inspiration was the Pixar movie UP, which was turned into a Little Golden Book shortly after its release. The goal was to recreate the house featured in the film.

Step one: Create grass out of food coloring, shredded coconut, and melted icing. Create Rice Krispie treats and shape into a house-like structure.

rice krispie

Step two: Create walls with graham crackers.

all walls

Step three: Put icing on the walls and create roof.


Step four: Disaster.

Eventually, the icing began to saturate the graham crackers and fell apart. The result was an unstable house. Because of this occurrence, we then decided to recreate the Hobbit House from the Lord of the Rings instead.

Step one: Make bunt cake.

Step two: Ice the bunt cake with “grass.”

Step three: Make a door.

Step four: Showcase at the Edible Book Festival!

I highly encourage everyone to participate in an Edible Book Festival at some point. Ask around in your local community to see if you have a particpating location! If not, start your own!


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